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Abby Pinto
CIBER Managing Director

Abby Pinto is the new Managing Director of CIBER at the Carlson School. She has extensive experience with the International Programs office at the school, coming aboard more than three years ago to manage short-term education abroad programs. “My focus has been on live cases, which include international consulting projects for companies as part of students’ international experience,” she says. “These kinds of collaborations have multiple benefits. Students gain rich, hands-on learning experiences, and companies get focused recommendations about business challenges in their international markets.”
        Pinto plans to incorporate much of this knowledge into her new managing director position. “I like the creative challenge of connecting academic and business objectives. It’s one of my favorite aspects of my past jobs and one that I look forward to in this new role,” she says. “I also love working with people whose expertise is very different from mine. This helps me stay attuned to all the different constituents this center will serve.”
        CIBER already has a network of more than 35 partners, ranging from language experts to the Minnesota Trade Office, involved in and committed to its activities. In the next six months, Pinto says the plan is to simply get the word out about CIBER events and activities that benefit its stakeholders, including the regional business community, academics and students at the University, and other educational institutions. In the long term, she says five major objectives have been identified for CIBER:
• Enhance quality and availability of international business education experiences
• Enhance faculty knowledge and understanding of key international business topics
• Inform regional business leaders about strategies for entering emerging markets
• Advance and articulate knowledge of international business issues affecting key sectors: medical device technology, food, and renewable energy and environmental technology
• Stimulate and disseminate research about sustainability and emerging markets
        “Our goal is to make measureable progress on all these objectives. We’re committed to being a regional resource, so I want to make sure we reach the business and education communities beyond the Twin Cities and Minnesota,” Pinto says. “If we do this well, we’ll foster relationships that sustain themselves. So while the CIBER is an initial point of connection, ideally initiatives can take on a life of their own. Ultimately we want the center’s outputs—faculty and professional development, research, education abroad opportunities, and language activities—to have national and lasting impact.”

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