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The true heart of the Carlson School is its faculty. This diverse group of teaching and research professionals has helped the school build a reputation for creating new knowledge, solving worldly challenges, and serving as a center for high-quality, groundbreaking business research.

Sri Zaheer, associate dean of Faculty and Research and the Elmer L. Andersen Chair in Global Corporate Social Responsibility, says that the Carlson School’s professors benefit from the learning-charged environment just as much as students do. “Our faculty members love the intellectual engagement they find here,” she says. “They see opportunities to engage—whether with students in the classroom, with colleagues at research seminars, or with managers in executive programs—as occasions to challenge and be challenged, and to learn and advance thinking about business.”

         In our main feature stories, you’ll read about how faculty collaboration powers research. You’ll discover how the school’s International Programs have influenced faculty members’ outlooks on teaching and on life. You’ll meet our new faculty members and get reacquainted with some of our seasoned “stars” who have made a lasting impact on multiple generations of students over the years.

        In short, you’ll see why alumni and current students agree that the faculty is at the core of everything we do here at the Carlson School.

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